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QN2025 Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine

QN2025 泡沫模型切割机

泡沫模型切割机是由一台由电脑控, 使用的画图和切割软件界面均为中英文标识和可识图标,操作方便,用户只要在画图软件中画好图,在切割软件中转为切割代码,设备将自动运行。主要用于:复杂的三维设计工具符号、字母、文字图形建筑外形、建筑装饰构件、建筑模型、博览会展台等等一系列的外型。
Hot wire foam cutting machine is controlled by computer,the drawing and cutting software support English and Chinese,easy to operate:the users make drawing in software,then convert into cutting code,the machine will run automatically. Mainly used for: complex 3d design tool symbols, letters, text graphics architectural appearance, architectural decoration components, architectural models, exhibition booths and so on.
【产品参数/Product Parameters】
Model/型号 QN2025
Multi wires/多丝 最多支持10根丝工作/support max 10 wires
X Working Area/X轴工作面积 2000mm
Y Working Area/Y轴工作面积 2500mm
Z Working Area/Z轴工作面积 1300mm
Repositioning Positioning Accuracy/重复定位精度 ±2mm
Working dpi/系统分辨率 ±0.04mm
Rotating Speed/转速 0-6000mm/min
Machine Structure/机器结构 Thick welded steel/加厚焊接钢
Command/指令 G-code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
Working voltage/工作电压 AC220V/50HZ
Control System/控制系统 DSP handle/DSP 手柄
Guide Rail/导轨 High Precision Taiwan Round guide/高精度台湾圆轨
Voltage regulator/变压器 5KV
Software/软件 Autocad
Driver and motor/驱动电机 Stepper/步进
Computer/电脑 Industrial Computer/工控电脑
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