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QN1610 Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine


【产品参数/Product Parameters】
Machine Model 机器型号 QN1610 laser cutting machine QN1610 激光雕刻机
Working Size 工作尺寸 1600*1000mm (L*W)
Laser Power 激光功率 80W / 100W
Laser Type激光类型 CO2 sealed high quality, water-cooling二氧化碳激光管,水冷
Driving System 驱动系统 Three phase Stepping motor 三相步进电机
Cutting Speed 切割速度 0-40000mm/min / 0-1575in/min
Engraving Speed雕刻速度 0-70000mm/min / 0-2756in/min
Resetting Position Accuracy 重复定位精度 ≤±0.01
Power Supply 电源 220V/50Hz ( Optional 110V/60Hz)
Operating Temperature 操作温度 0-45ºC
Operating Humidity 操作湿度 5-95%
Working table 工作台面  
Min. Shaping Character 最小的成型文字 English 1.0*1.0mm
Operating System 操作系统 PCI OR USB
Graphic Format Supported 支持的格式 BMP, PLT, AI, DST, DXF
Software Supported 支持的软件 CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima
Optional parts 可选配置 Air compressor, CCD camera 气泵,CCD摄像头
Net Weight净重 900kg
1, The rolls of the machine are able to roll up the large material automatically. Improve the working efficiency greatly.
Adopt Hiwin inner guide rails, ensuring the laser head is moving smoothly, fast and stable.Small cutting kerf, high cutting speed and accuracy guarantee the equipment’s precision and lifetime.
3,DSP control system and moderate using environment.
4, Some parts are imported and more durable like the mirrors and lens, rails, motors, etc.
5,Scientific ventilation equipments, high power exhaust fan and strong honeycomb worktable. play a vacuum adsorption, which can make the soft material very flat.
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