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QN1325 ATC Cnc Router


Linear style automated tool changer with 8 pieces of tools in total.
5.5KW Water Cooling Spindle, very stable and durable.
高扭矩日本日本安川电气750 w伺服电机和驱动程序,更大的准确性和稳定性。
High-torque Japan Yaskawa 750W .
Vacuum table with 6 vacuum zones,which can adsorb different size materials..
Oil-injection system makes the maintenance more convenient.
Advanced NK260 control system.
THK 25线性导轨与高品质和高抗准确性。
THK 25 linear guide rail with high quality and hihg accuracy.
Taiwan delta inverter with high performance.
【产品参数/Product Parameters】
Model 型号 QN1325 ATC cnc router QN1325 换刀木工机
Description 描述 Parameter 参数 Option 可选
XYZ Working Area工作面积 1300*2500*250mm According to customer's requirement 可根据客户要求定制
Table Surface 台面 Vacuum table 真空吸附
Frame 架构 Welding 焊接
XYZ Structure XYZ结构 XINYUE helical rack and gear,THK 25 Guide Rail 新月斜尺轮齿条,THK25导轨 PMI Guide Rail PMI导轨
Z Structure Z轴结构 TBI Ball Screw TBI丝杠
XYZ Traveling Positioning Accuracy 运行精度 ±0.02mm
XYZ Re-positioning Accuracy 重复定位精度 ±0.01mm
Drive System 驱动系统 Yaskawa 750w servo driver and motor 安川750伺服电机和驱动 Delta/Panasonic/Siemens 台达、松下,西门子
Max.Rapid Travel Rate最大空程速度 35000mm/min 
Max.Working Rate 最大工作速度 20000mm/min
Spindle 主轴 5.5KW ATC Water Cooling Spindle 5.5千瓦自动换刀水冷主轴 Air Cooling Spindle 风冷换刀主轴
Spindle Speed 主轴速度 0-24000RPM
Control System 控制系统 NK260 Control System Syntec/NK300/Mach3
Command Language 语言 G Code G代码
Flash Memory内存 256M
Interface接口 USB
Working Voltage 工作电压 AC220V 3PH 60HZ AC380V 3PH 50HZ
Software Compatibility 兼容软件 Artcam Type3,Ucancam
Running Environment 工作环境 Temperature: 0°C~45°C  温度:0°C~45°C Relative humidity: 30%~75% 相对湿度:30%~75%
Packaging Size 包装尺寸 2920*2280*1920mm
Net Weight 净重 1600KG
Gross Weight 毛重 1800KG
1:Our machine adopt Taiwan SYNTEC control system, very professional control system for CNC machine, It is very stable and very easy to learn and operate. own functions of restoring from power off, continuation on break point, anticipating working time, auto-feeding blades etc.  excellent performance for relief processing and cutting. 
2:主轴采用意大利HSD 9.0 kw主轴,寿命超过13年,工作能力高。
2:The spindle adopt Italy HSD 9.0kw spindle, the lifetime is more than 13 years, the working ability is high.
3:The driver system we adopt Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver, the speed and precision is high, can overload working. etc.
4:X and Y axis Z axis adopt ball screw transmission,PMI ball screw,with high precision and long life time.
5:Construction:Whole machine table adopt high strength thick steel pipe welded. The annealing and other heat treatment methods ensure that the whole structure is tested to the limit for sturdiness and reliability.
【适用材料/Applicable Materials】
This equipment for processing all kinds of plank, according to the facts of wood, acrylic, PVC, particle board, such as fire prevention board material, widely used in the wooden door, cabinet, stereo wooden case and other complex processing.
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